Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Here we are everyone, welcome to Walking the Candy Aisle. This is a fun, place to talk about all the best chocolate and candy. We do not take ourselves very seriously around here, and are mostly interested in looking for what makes us so excited when walking down the candy aisle. Expect weekly reviews, probably mostly of chocolate bars to start, and a few additional musings along the way. We're based in San Francisco so expect mostly American chocolates to start around here. We are not connoisseurs, just regular people who like treats. Please do not expect in depth analysis, discussion of sugar content, or health issues. We all know candy and chocolates are a treat; we just like to treat ourselves regularly :)

Let's keep this a fun blog, since we're talking about such a fun topic! I'll look forward to strolling down the candy aisle with you soon!

- Geoff

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  1. I'm feeling like Leap Day was a good day to start a new blog!

    Quick, informal, low stakes poll - whats your current favorite chocolate bar and candy?

    Mine for candy is easy, Skittles (original flavor), but for chocolate bar its a bit trickier... I love a good Twix PB, and 3 Muskateers are great, so are Butterfinger..... mmmmm, I'm hungry. Ok for now I'll say Butterfinger.

    What do you like?