Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dropping the Mits... for Candy!

I'm amazed that this exists... but honestly I shouldn't be.

Only in Canada would something like this be made. It's pretty funny to see how regional changes can affect the way companies market, or distribute their products but it seems rare for a big company to make a whole new product that will only appeal to a specific demographic. This definitely reminds me of the Twizzlers Skates I reviewed a while back.

Then again, Canada is a pretty big place and I'm sure Hershey does alright here. Why not throw us a bone every now and again.  And hey, I know people love hockey in the States too. Just not quite as much as the Canucks. So hockey fans rejoice here is a chocolate just for you!

But guess what? that's not all. PEZ has gotten into the action too!


Does 'Limited Edition' mean only available in Canada? I will say that for some reason despite this display up in the Dollarama here in Toronto, the only actual pez dispensers available were for the Red Wings and the Habs.

You'd think they'd at least have the Maple Leafs ones.... unless of course they had sold out or something. Definitely interesting stuff for all those hockey nuts out there. I hope you can find these in our neck of the woods.

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