Monday, July 29, 2013

The Big Bar Line Up - Wrapped

In case you missed it over the past month or so I posted an extensive look at some of the 'Big bar' chocolates available while walking the Candy Aisle here in Canada. I know it was more of a survey series but I liked all the pretty pictures and even just taking a closer look at them gave me a better understanding of what the various players are trying to achieve.

Does this mean I'll be eating more big bars down the line? I hope so. There are some really great offerings out there, especially from companies like Lindt and Ritter Sport. And hopefully that will translate here to the blog as well, in added reviews on some of the more interesting stuff.

For those who would like to check out the series of posts here they are in one handy dandy list:

Cadbury Dairy Milk



Ritter Sport

Dove and Godiva


It seems like such a short list of posts but believe me it took a very long time to compile these lists with all the pictures involved.

I hope you do take the opportunity to go back and check out any of the posts you may have missed. They're fun looks at whats on the shelves right now. There's some great, and some definitely no so great looking stuff out there. Thanks for reading all :)

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