Thursday, August 15, 2013

Frosting Creations in the Aisle

Here's an interesting new product I stumbled across at Target last weekend. Frosting Creations from Duncan Hines. Pretty cool stuff!

In case it isn't straightforward, the basics are as follows. You start with the plain frosting.

Then you add the flavor packet and mix to create your new frosting mix.

The most interesting thing though are the flavor selections.

If you think about the kind of demographic who are going to be interesting in this kind of a product it makes sense. These are flavors made for kids, and the joy of something like this is the mixing and creation factor. A very cool product for kids. And its not like Duncan Hines would ever really put out a bubble gum flavored frosting for reals, so this is perfect.

Obviously one of the great things here is you could make multiple flavors batches of frosting out of a single jar. But for my money the best thing though will be the flavor combinations kids can create by actually mixing two or more of the flavors together. I mean what kids hasn't taken their cup at the soda fountain and mixed together a little bit of all the drinks?! I would probably try Chocolate Mint and Strawberry Shortcake, or maybe Chocolate Marshmallow and Orange Creme. The possibilities are kind of endless.

Weather this is successful or not remains to be seen, but I applaud the innovation.

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