Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stroopwafels FTW!

What exactly is a Stroopwafel? Well my lovelies let me enlighten you.

It is a soft Dutch cookie with a waffle patterning and flavor. But there's more than that oh yes. The Stroopwafel, is a little cookied pocket of heaven because it actually has two of these waffle cookies surrounding a gooey caramel center. Honestly these things are fantastic.

Recently I had one of these Stroopwafels for I believe the first time, and was totally blown away. Its definitely not something you'll see everyday. The cookie is soft, the caramel is rich and the entire experience is more akin to eating a quality piece of cake or something. Just a great overall eating experience.

My sister-in-law brought some over from her last trip to England where she got them at Marks and Spencer. Of course I'm sure any Dutch person will tell you that the M&S version of Stroopwafel is garbage and nothing like their mother ued to make... but for my money it was wonderful.

The preferred method of consuming a Stroopwafel is to lay it over your tea and let the heat soften and melt the caramel inside the cookie just a bit.

Now why don't we have this kind of ceremony surrounding Western cookies? I mean what kind of a hurry are we all in??? Sitting down with a nice cup of tea and cookie. How could you possibly get more civilized?

When you finally do bite into the cookie its got a glorious soft battery taste that reminds me of home cooking and pancakes as a kid on lazy Sunday mornings. The caramel is gooey but not drippy, and the heat from the tea makes the entire experience feel very comforting.

I have to hand it to the Stroopwafel, eating this cookie was one of the most relaxing cookie experiences I've ever had and I'd be very happy to enjoy it again.

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