Monday, January 7, 2013

Humpty Dumpty

Obscure? Maybe to some. For me though Humpty Dumpty has always been an egg I noticed on the shelves of my chip aisle. Why? Well maybe its the weird positioning... I mean why exactly is an egg selling me potato chips? Shouldn't it be a potato? And probably more importantly, something about the character always kind of frightened me, he is a talking egg after all!

Today on the Candy Aisle we'll continue our look back at a few fun mascots with another dose of chips. This time its Humpty Dumpty potato chips. These were sold across Canada, and through lots of New England over the 80s and 90s. As the name implies, their mascot was a cartoon version of Humpty Dumpty.

Here's how Humpty Dumpty looks today. Not really much changed since my earliest memories of him as a kid. Why people always insist on giving Humpty Dumpty a bow tie is below me... I mean doesn't the guy have enough problems already looking like a mad science experiment... not to mention the whole breaking into pieces thing.

And here's the product line today in Canada. A bit off the wall, and not actually hitting the potato chip market directly anymore Humpty Dumpty now sells party mixes and those weird other things you see in the chip aisle but never actually buy.

According to the wiki, while Humpty Dumpty started out as a company from Maine in the late 40s it became best known as a Canadian brand in the 90s after it was sold to a company based in Kitchner Ontario. They are mainly seen through New England and are famed to offer such off the wall flavors as sour cream and clam chips. In 2006 the company was sold again this time to Old Dutch, who at the time had a good presence in the west but not as much out east. Old Dutch decided to keep the Humpty Dumpty brand alive only relegated it to the "snack" section while Old Dutch chips took over all actual potato chip duties.

Here's a look at what I saw walking the aisle of their current product line.

well that'sdefinitely the kind of stuff I know I usually pass over at the store. Still I have to say theres a part of me that has a real soft spot for Humpty Dumpty. I mean the guy may look happy but hes just so down on his luck. He's happy, but we all know whats going to happen to him. And a precarious perch atop that lettering isn' the best place for him.

I'm sure the snacks are good, and I can't say I don't go in for some cheese puffs every now and again, but I'm not usually reaching for HD brand puffs. Not when there's a cheetah around.

Odd and interesting, you've got to check out these wacked out commercials for Humpty Dumpty products from back in the day. These are low-budget awesomeness!

AHH!!!! oh sorry, I just thought I saw a crazed monster appear in those people's homes and offer them chips. Oh wait I did! W-T-F!!! Seriously just WTF is this?!?! The fact that someone thought this wasn't totally tripped out just showed how crazy people were back in the late 80s and early 90s. I mean these commercials are bonkers. That Humpty Dumpty costume is absolutely terrifying!

But lets get away from the big scary monster. How about something a bit more normal?

Yup, those kids are totally normal.... right??? Like Children of the New England Corn normal! I am shocked and awed by these ads. I wish I could remember seeing any of these from my youth, but I expect they only ran in the States.

From my memory I liked Humpty Dumpty chips. They had flavors like Dill before it was popular, and they were the first chips I ever saw in "Fun Sized" at Halloween. These were also by default the chip that ended up at parties and in loot bags, and other giveaways. And I believe that even the original flavor was pretty good.

They may have changed over the years, but like I said I've still got a soft spot for good ol' Humpty Dumpty. The sad little egg that sells potato chips.

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