Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love is in the Aisle

Its only a few scant days away from Valentines and there are some delicious goodies in the candy aisle.

Personally I'm not so much of a fan of simple changes to packaging, I really like it when candy and chocolate companies go out of their way to make something unique for the holidays.

Mixed in with the Valentines stuff there were a few early Easter items. Specifically Check out these egg shaped Lindors! Nice packaging on that :)

Also this 3 pack of Creme Eggs, has a To / From spot on the packaging. Since we don't usually give presents for Easter, or at least not that much... Do you think they are trying to get people to give Creme Eggs for Valentines?

I wish they would do a Valentines CReme Egg. Maybe strawberry flavored... it would be pretty good :D Anyhow, I'll have one or two Valentines reviews for you over the next week or so, just keep it locked right here.

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