Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Easter's Revenge

Well here we are once again. It was just over a year ago that I started Walking the Candy Aisle and I again find myself faced with an aisle full of Easter Eggs. Valentines hasn't even happened yet and already Easter is taking over!

There are definitely some things to be happy about with Easters return. Cream eggs for one! I love me some good ol' cream eggs, and I'm interested to see what's different now that I'm living in Canada rather than the States for the holiday.

Already I'm seeing a few differences even in the standard Cadbury fare.

Look at this selection and you'll see some interesting things.

Mini Creme Eggs! yes, those are not Mini Eggs, but actual creme eggs only shrunk down!!! I can't wait to get my hands on those!

Cadbury Caramilk Egg... does this mean I won't get my beloved Caramel Creme Egg?! How similar is this to that??? Very interesting.

These come in mini size as well.


And check this out, a variety pack of mini eggs, featuring straight up Cadbury Dairy Milk Eggs. Very interesting... Do you suppose its solid milk chocolate?

Nestle Canada also has an interesting selection with yet another redesigned Aero bar. This time its an egg. Not to be outdone they also have a Rolo egg. Yes thats right a ROLO egg!

What actually has me most intrigued though is this adorable little mint mutton chop.

Why aren't there more lambs at Easter? seems like a good fit for the holiday.

While Kinder has always come in eggs, here are some actual honest to goodness chocolate filled ones from the company. I have to say I haven't explored much of Kinder's line outside the toy filled egg, but I'm interested to take a dip soon.

I believe Kinder has had these malted (?) mini eggs for a few years now, but I just noticed the cute little bunny mascot for the first time.

And finally Lindt. Aside from the full sized Lindor eggs that I mentioned a few weeks ago, they've also got these cute little Lindor mini eggs... Doesn't it seem like everyone is on the egg bandwagon these days?

I'll have some Easter reviews coming up for you in the weeks ahead, and yes I will have at least one Valentine's review for those lovesick readers out there. Stay tuned all. The Holidays just keep on coming and so does the candy and chocolate! And for those of you who can't wait, check out all of last years Easter themed video reviews right here!

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