Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Bites

Well tomorrow is the big day, and since I'm going to be giving you a review tomorrow I'll just say it now. Happy Valentines Day to all of you who love that sort of thing.

For me, I find Valentines a bit meh. I mean I have lots of great people I love in my life, but the artificial stuff involved in the holiday is so tough. Its not like Christmas where you can have general goodwill and love towards everyone. This is such a specific holiday with such specific and strange cultural rules. Its hard to pick something out, I mean the right thing out. Its tough if you're alone, its tough if you're in a new relationship, its tough if you're in a long term relationship. In fact the only people I think Valentines is great for are the people in that honeymoon phase of a relationship where being cheesily romantic is totally acceptable. For everyone else Valentines can be a tough time.

I do like the candy though, even if oher than box chocolate the shelves are a bit bare. I'm giving you only one Valentine themed review this year. Maybe I'll have time for more next year, but for now you'll get something from me tomorrow, and then we'll move onto Easter.

Today though I've got a few last minute Valentine bites I wanted to share from the candy aisle.


I don't know why but I'm always surprised to see Mrs Fields outside of the mall food court. And doubly so when its not in a cookie context. These are straight up Mrs Fields chocolates. Now I know they sell these chocolates in the actual stores... but really who is going to a Mrs Fields for the chocolates?!

Honestly it sounds like a pretty great selection of flavors. I'd probably pick the Strawberry Truffle as my go to chocolate here.

This has to be my pick for the school kid who is being forced to give something to all his classmates. Smarties are awesome and I appreciate packaging that lets me conveniently address it to and from.

Finally, these Kinder eggs are actually pretty awesome. They break apart into solo eggs, so this pack is good for 4 friends, and a Kinder is one of those things that everyone really enjoys but hardly anyone actually buys for themselves. I totally dig it as a gift and despite the fact that these Valentines are packaged with 2012 toys I'd still get it for the people I love.

Anyhow, I hope you all have a great Valentines Day tomorrow. I definitely encourage you all to tell someone you love them. And check in tomorrow for a fun Valentines review.


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