Friday, August 3, 2012

Milk Duds review

Here we are once again... And once again based on a reader request we are looking at a specific candy, today its the classic Milk Duds.

Made with chocolate and caramel, I had the impression before getting these that they were probably the most boring candy ever, and now that I actually have a box of my very own I can't say my opinion has changed much.Sure I suppose I must've had these before but they made absolutely zero impression on me. They seem old. old and lame.

I think we can all figure out that "Milk" in Milk Duds comes from milk chocolate. But according to the wiki they are actually from the '20 when they didn't have the technology down to make properly round chocolate covered caramel balls, so these lopsided flattened "Duds" became the candy... so hey, thanks for the rejects.

Not to be down on these. but seriously, look at that packaging. Its totally plain. barren mustard yellow and brown. I am not impressed. I get this is a classic, but they could at least try to update the look a bit.

The candy itself is exactly what you'd expect, somewhat flattened  chocolate lumps, that presumably coat a caramel filling. They've got a good size to them I'll give it that, but there's nothing too exciting here. And while I don't get these at the movies I'm sure they could be a pretty messy theater snack. You just know that chocolate is going to come off on your fingers.

Size wise they're sort of like another classic movie theater candy, Junior Mints. No squish to them though. And really no discernible smell.Maybe its a little chocolaty but not much. I did read that as of '08 these "chocolates" don't technically have any real chocolate in them, instead featuring a variety of vegetable oils that taste like chocolate, but I definitely see cocoa butter listed on the back of my box, so I'm not sure if the interwebs are wrong on that one, or I've just got like a .1% level of chocolate.

No matter, lets get into this.

Biting into this I'm not sure exactly what to expect, certainly not something too gooey, but not really this. Milk Duds are made of that hard 'toffee-like' caramel. its hard at first and then softens in your mouth. The kind of individually wrapped hard caramel candies you would get thrown into the bottom of a stocking at Christmas time... or say at the hairdresser... never someplace normal, just randomly and out of the blue. But while I'd consider those caramels a treat, this is more bland than sweet and a harder chew. Its got a bit of a sticky quality too, but I've seen much worse on that front.

Are Milk Duds bad? No. Are they good? No, not really. Are they interesting? Definitely not. Will I have them again? Nope. Should you try them? Well, if you've never had them before, sure why not... but don't expect anything too special.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Milk Duds - 3 / 5

That's a mild 3 too. I'm not offended by these chocolates, but not impressed. There are far better candies on the market to occupy your time and money than this.

Milk Duds are a Hershey product, find out more about them at this link.


  1. Yeah Jo-Ryan...this is a rubbish post. They are classic for a reason. Nothing fancy, but just good, awesome candy....chewy like 90 and a great deal for the money. Love 'em.

    1. I don't love milk duds but I certainly don't mind them so....