Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Candy incognito! - pt 1

Have you ever thought about the flavors of candy? Isn't it kind of odd how candy has been made to taste like other foods? Why exactly can't it just be a unique flavor? When you've got a range from sugary, to sour, and tart, even savory or salty why do some candies have to pretend to be something else?

Look, we all know the long standing tradition of candy to be patterned after fruit. From watermelon, to more traditional oranges and lemons, that all kind of fits since those foods fall into the same straightforward flavor categories as many candies, what I find more interesting are the candies that are flavored, or even just patterned after other food. Check out some of these that I found in my candy aisle.

 Haribo always delivers. Why you'd want your pasta to be fruity / extra sour or your spagetti (sorry S'ghetti) to be sour is a bit beyond me, but I love the idea of plating up some candy pasta.

The classic Boston Baked Beans are actually pretty awesome if I remember correctly. Definitely a good side dish with your candy meal.

This for me is where it starts getting really weird. I get that its just gummi, and they probably aren't attempting to replicate the complex flavor of a burger... but its still pretty off the wall. I mean I like Spongebob as much as the next guy, and have even talked about the variation of this candies in its alternate packaging before, but I think I'd still pass on a Krabby Patty.

And efrutti manages to bring the whole shebang to the table here. I know its labeled a lunch bag but this is a practical smorgasbord. 5 Slices of pizza, a hot dog, 2 burgers, and french fries. That's a meal for a whole family! I just thank god its all fat free.

What you say you want something to wash down all this food? Well there are plenty of drinks on the market!

Again Haribo brings the goods with both Happy Cola and Fizzy Cola. What's the difference? I have no idea, other than Fizzy Cola is sweet & tangy. Remember, "Kids and grown-ups love it so,"

Trolli brings us cans of soda, in the form of poppers. And it comes in cherry, root beer, orange lemon and cola flavors, so you know they're not messing around.

Oh you're looking for some dessert now that you've had your meal. Well don't worry we've got you covered. What you want candy for dessert? Why bother when there is candy flavored like other desserts!

While Cookie Dough Bites are pretty awesome, I'm not sure why you wouldn't just go and buy a full chocolate chip cookie. These also come in like 5 different flavors.

From Cookie Dough Bites, comes probably the most decadent dessert, red velvet cupcake bites. YUM! The only thing I'd like more would be some Tiramisu bites...

If you're looking for ice cream though Baskin Robins has got you covered, in these sugar free candies! I hope they come out with a rocky road flavor...

 Finally we can't forget Extra's Dessert Delights line of gum. From apple pie, and mint chocolate chip, to strawberry shortcake, and orange cream pop these flavors are pretty much exactly like the gum in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Again, thinking only of our health these are thankfully sugar free.

I don't know why it strikes me as odd. I like experimentation, and novelty is appreciated. I guess I just feel like its all amusingly absurd. Candy can take any form and often travels incognito. Stay tuned for next weeks incognito post part 2, with some new candy that is more than meets the eye.

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