Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Snackable M&Ms

 Every week or two I see something new in the candy aisle and I'd like to start bringing more smaller posts to you showcasing some of these products. I might not have much to say, but I think its neat to see them at least. I'm still aiming for one feature story and one review a week, although this week may be shy a feature. BUT that said, I've got one or two quick hits that I can definitely send out to the Candy Aisle reader-verse.

Like these for example, M&Ms snack mix bags. in Milk and Dark Chocolate varieties. This is a great idea for M&Ms. We all already know they go greatin snack mix, so capitolizing on it in a pre-packaged bag just makes good sense. Why they went for the pretzel style party mix as opposed to straight up Trail Mix with M&Ms I'm not sure, but I'd bet trail mix is on the way soon, especially if this snack-style party mix works.

"Salty &Sweet". Seems like you just can't go wrong there :)

UPDATE - Just saw that these also come in a Peanut variety!

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