Thursday, June 28, 2012

Girl Scout Crunch bars

Saw these in the aisle a day or two ago and had to share. Nestlé has teamed up with the Girl Scouts to make these little gems :)

If you don't know, the Girl Scouts annually sell cookies to raise funds for their group, These chocolate cookie mash-ups are based on the classic flavors: thin mints,  peanut butter creme (Tagalongs), and caramel and coconut (known in most parts of the country as Samoas). These limited edition flavors will be in stores now through the end of August and at least according to Nestle are causing quite the stir.

Seems like a good cause, I'll definitely try to pick one up and try it for the site. Thin Mints were always my favorites., but even with the Crunch bar here I think I'll still pass on the Samoa flavored one...


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