Monday, July 9, 2012

Jelly Belly Ice Shaver in the aisle

So I was perusing my local Target this weekend and what should I see but more Jelly Belly! In fact it was the Jelly Belly ice shaver. for those days when you just can get enough jelly belly, now you can enjoy them in snow cone form.

Sorry for the picture quality here, I had my kid on my shoulders while trying to take these pics.

OK seriously, who's going for the manual when you can have the deluxe electric version?!

Possibly even more exciting than the machine though is the syrup. Oh man, can't you just imagine how sricky sweet these must be. I mean that pure concentrated Jelly Belly flavor! Thats a pretty intense proposition. I remember one time I drank a big bottle of this of Mikes Hard Lemonade before I realized that it was a concentrate.... yes pretty stupid i know but I was also VERY drunk by that point. These would, I'm sure, be amazing on my corn flakes...

 They come in "Very Cherry". "Grape Soda", "Green Apple", "Berry Blue".... AND:

Probably the best idea ever. Why aren't all snow cones cotton candy flavored???

I'd definitely like to see a buttered popcorn syrup too, but for now this will do. Here's a link to where you can get these babies online.

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