Friday, July 13, 2012

Mike & Ike Original Fruits review

Time for another review my lovelies, and today we're looking at Mike & Ike Original Fruits

Personal history be known, while I never had anything against Mike and Ike original per say, I almost never got it. Unless it ended up in my bag at Halloween I just avoided it. Any why you may ask? well, I blame it all on Hot Tamales. The Just Born candy company only makes a few candies and most of them follow the same basic format as Mike & Ike original here. Hot Tamales are like this, but all cinnamon, and all amazing. So for me these original flavor candies never really came into play.

Looking at them though I really don't have anything against them. I like the packaging. Its green with the candy popping out. I like the colors, and the logo design. And on the back there is even a little quote of the Just Born company slogan, which I love: "A Great candy isn't made... It's Just Born" totally adorable.
I don't normally alk about price, but I have to here, this box of candy cost only 25 cents. And I have to give the Just Born team serious props for that. Think about what candy ou can get for a quarter, and you'r basically relegated to the lower tier candy machines... this is a solid move and they should be applauded for it. Sure its not a big box, but it's big enough to give me that satisfying candy box rattle, and I know I'm getting something cleanly packaged rather than ... who knows what, I might get from a candy machine.

The candy comes in 5 flavors: from left to right below: Orange, Strawberry, Lime, Lemon, and Cherry. You can always tell a candy that has been around the block if they've got a cherry in their lineup and don't apologize for it. That's just old school.

Biting into the candy is good as well, the flavor is strong but not overpowering or too mild, its not jelly belly strong, but definitely strong enough. And there's a... comforting element to the flavors, these all feel like classics. The texture is just ok. its got a lot of gumminess to it, and a lot of chewiness.You're going to find this candy getting stuck in your teeth a bit. There's an ever so slight satisfying pull to the candy that never strays into gummy worm territory. But with that the flavors are very strong.  especially think the lime and lemon flavors are great. Despite the unnerving fact that these candies look like weird psychedelic pills that really manage to taste pretty good.

It's not something I think I'd seek out, but I'm glad I had them again.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Mike & Ike Original Fruits - 4 / 5

Mike & Ike is a product of the Just Born company, find out more about them at


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