Friday, May 25, 2012

M&M's Mint review

Since I was already having a look at M&Ms earlier on this week I thought I might as well continue the trend and review one of M&Ms newest flavors for you today. Lets have a look at M&M's Mint.

This is definitely one I've been interested to give a shot. While I'm not usually a big dark chocolate fan, when you pair it with mint I've often found it really good. In this case we're getting a nice minty green package with everyone's favorite (sexy?) green M&M lady on the front to show off the wares. At least thematically the green all fits. There's not too much going on with the package though, its well in line with what you'd see on all of the M&Ms bags these days. In the picture I'm noticing that the candies are different shades of green... will they have actually bothered to give us different colors on the inside? lets find out.

Opening the bag there's a great whiff of chocolate and mint. M&Ms always seem to smell great, which is weird considering they have that candy shell containing the chocolate. I'm not complaining by any means, just noticing it.

YES the chocolate candies on the inside are of 3 varying shade of green. And they are BIG. Check out one of the Mint M&Ms alongside a regular sized M&M (that I happen to have around the house), that's some pretty good bang for your buck.

Biting into the chocolate candy I wasn't sure what I would find. But once you break through the thin candy shell its all solid dark chocolate. The chocolate is generously flavored with mint and honestly tastes great. Mint is refreshing, and cool, and blends well with chocolate. It makes me feel like the chocolate is lighter than it really is, maybe not healthy, but its satisfying in that it has some pep.

These are good. Really good. Peanut Butter is still probably my favorite variety but I'd gladly have these again. I hope they stick around. With so many kinds of M&M on the market these days I feel like something's got to give and I know it could be these, but I for one am definitely in favor on M&M's Mint. They've got everything that makes regular M&Ms fun, and a nice minty flair that sits well. I bet they'd go great with a  cup of coffee. Check these ones out if you get a chance.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates M&M's Mint - 4 / 5

M&M's is a product of Mars Incorporated, to learn more go to (for some reason there is an age gate on this site... whats that about?!)


  1. The mint M&M's are the most disgusting thing I have ever tried I ate one and wanted to throw it up

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