Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Old Ads M&Ms

Today we continue looking at advertising from yesteryear. This one should be a bit shorter than the past few. I've got a fun look at two ads for M&M.

Wow, can you even remember back to when M&Ms only had two flavors? Back before they introduced their crazy tv personalities, and there could be lots of different colors hanging out? Green didn't equal female, and Orange didn't equal peanut butter... or is it crispy? Anyhow, it was a simpler time. These are the milk chocolates that "Melts in your mouth - Not in your hand." seriously, that was a great tagline, and they used it for years. They should bring that back.

As for the ad its great, M&Ms have always been sporty. Its a nice characteristic for chocolate, it seems somehow wholesome, and goes against the grain to promote healthiness, or at least an active life. As seen in the bubblegum post pt 2, people love baseball, so giving away baseball cards in 6 packs of M&Ms is a good idea. Very All-American.

This next ad is really fun too. I like the art style for both ads, but this one especially shows off the goofy characters. Its refreshing to see M&Ms as they used to be known. I guess in this ad they're about to catch the peanut M&M who just launched off the rings. Although it seems like a bit of a dangerous prospect especially considering only the top two M&Ms are even looking up. The guy in mid air seems totally at peace... maybe this is a standard M&M dismount technique. I know if it was me up there, I wouldn't for a minute put my hard candy shell in the hands of that knucklehead green guy in the middle of the stack. He seriously looks pretty dopey. Other than that though, its all good :)

Ah the fun of advertising. These ads were pulled from Silver Surfer #5, and Silver Surfer #2 respectively.

That's all I've got planned for this look back at old ads. thanks for joining me, I hope you stick around the Candy Aisle and check out some of the reviews.

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