Friday, May 4, 2012

Skittles Blenders review

It's review time again and today we're looking at Skittles Blenders!

If you'll recall Skittles original flavor was the first review here on Walking the Candy Aisle, and I'll let it be known that generally speaking Skittles are some of my favorite candies of all time. These Blenders are something of a new phenomenon though and I'm excited to dig in.

The packaging holds with the Skittles look and adds a bit. Yellow background this time, with the wonderful rainbow exploding from the letter I. Here we getour first look at the colors to be found inside, and in light of all my bemoaning the absense of a blue color in the original variety pack, I'm happy to say here we've got Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Red. On the back we see learn more. As you'd expect Blenders are mash ups of flavors, and on the back they informs us about the flavors to expect inside. these include "Watermelon Green Apple Freeze", "Strawberry Lime Blast", "Mango Lemonade Freeze", "Melon Berry Blast", and "Cherry Tropicolada"

Skittles are chewy sugary candies with really strong flavors, so at least to me a mash-up seems like it might be a bad idea. The intense flavors are a signature of the candy and I worry that mixing multiple flavors together might make for a lessening of any one single flavor... And really when you eat regular Skittles you usually eat multiple flavors at once in a handful. Isn't that already a mash-up?

The candies themselves have the distinctive "S" emblazoned on them (perhaps so we won't get them mixed up with M&Ms), although I'll say that at least in my bag the lettering seems to be somewhat faded overall. I'm excited to 'taste the rainbow' and opening the bag gives a huge waft of the distinctive fruit smell Skittles are famous for.

The candies have a great consistency, hard shell with a nice chew to them after you bite it a few times. But what you're really here for is to talk about the flavors. These are definitely mash ups but as I feared the mix is off. And really how could it not be, Strawberry Lime tastes way more like strawberry and I'm not really getting any lime off of it. Watermelon Green Apple tastes a lot like green apple, maybe with a subtle hint of watermelon but neither of them are flavors I really like so I'm probably bias on this one.The Mango Lemonade is actually the first mash up that kid of works. I can tastes both flavors and the tart Lemon, mixed with the mango tang is pretty decent.  The Melon Berry as well has a pretty good mix, although I'm not sure what the berry flavor actually is. Finally for the Cherry Tropicolada, the mix is off again and I'm surprised to say it tastes much more like tropicolada than cherry. With all of these I'm not sold that these are really complimentary flavors. Or if they are the mix isn't even enough for my tastes. Also and more importantly the candy isn't as bold as I'm used to with Skittles, I think they're trying for subtlety but I'm honestly not a fan. Sure these are alright, but they're not what I want out of my Skittles.

If you want tropical Skittles flavors I'd say go get a bag of Skittles tropical, or if you want berry, go get Skittles berry, but I don't think you should bother to get Skittles Blenders. Its not really bad, but in terms of an actual flavor blend I feel like this is really a mixed bag. So I suppose that's the bottom line, they're not by any means terrible, but they just aren't flavorful in the way that I'm looking for in my Skittles, and I'd rather go with another Skittles variety over this.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Skittles Blenders - 3 / 5
Taste the Rainbow!
Skittles Blenders are copyright WM Wrigley Jr Company - find them online


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