Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We've already had a look at how many Easter egg chocolates and candies there are at this time of year. Today lets see what we've got in terms of bunnies.

Oddly, iI my local candy aisle, aside from a few outliers there really only two companies in the chocolate Easter bunny game, Russell Stover and Palmer. On with the pictures...


Hollow = Fail.
this seems like a good idea though.

I think this is the one I'd go for. YUM.


This packaging makes me angry. Why are they covering the bunny's face???
Easter classic

Ok, not technically a bunny chocolate, but it sure looks good :)
The only Hershey bunny in the lot. Sounds pretty good.

mmm PEZ...
That's all I managed to find in my candy aisle. However I did make a trip out to the bigger Walgreens down the road a bit and found a few more to share...

a HUGE bunny!
Comes with a book!
Reading and Chocolate bunnies together at last...

Ahh... good ol' Snapsy the Bunny.

Is that the Noid?!

Peanut Butter YUM

WTF is this?!?!
It comes in 3 flavors too!
Is that a bunny?
Do you have any different or special bunnies in your aisle? Let me know in the comments. I think of these I'd probably go with the cookies 'n creme Hershey bunny, the Reester Bunny, or the Russell Stover solid milk chocolate with crispies one.

Question, why are there no licensed bunnies here? You would think at the very least Bugs could lend his face to a chocolate rabbit? I'm not suggesting we need a full run of Watership Down chocolates (that would be depressing), but I'd definitely be inclined to buy a Roger Rabbit, or Bucky O'Hare chocolate.

Think about it...

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