Friday, March 2, 2012

Skittles review

Welcome to the very first review for Walking the Candy Aisle! woohoo!

Today I've got a real treat, a review of Skittles original flavor.

One thing to note before I dive into the review though, I have a personal bias here since Skittles have been one of, if not my top most absolute favorite candy forever. So you can probably expect how this review will shake out :)

If you've never had Skittles before they are a small chewy candy with a hard outer shell. They are known for their very strong fruit flavor and bright colors even using the commercial tagline "Taste the Rainbow".

So first off the packaging. I have to say I love it. Bright red, with a stark white Skittles written across it, this is definitely eye catching while walking down the candy aisle. The rainbow erupting out of the letter I is great showcasing the colors of the candy. And the description on the packaging read: "Bite Size Candies - Natural and Artificial flavors"

And as for those flavors? Well Skittles original variety has five: Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Lime. and Grape. If you're following the rainbow logic now you may be asking why no Blue? You could do Blueberry, or even Blue Raspberry (a la Kool-Aid). Then we'd have all the base colors for an actual rainbow... oh well. We'll probably never know.

I really love opening a package of Skittles, the smell is just amazing and really strongly fruity. Definitely makes me hungry right away.

The candies themselves are nice and brightly colored, with the trademark S emblazoned on them, presumably so people don't think they're M&Ms.
(L to R) Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grape
 And now for the taste, each skittle flavor on its own is really strong. once you break through the harder outer shell its nice and chewy inside but has a slight sugary dissolving quality in your mouth. This is a candy to chew though, its not like an M&M (or a Canadian Smarties). Although I think the intense juicy fruit flavor is what turns some people off from Skittles I seriously love it. You can have two or three of a single flavor and just relish in your mouth bursting with flavor. Or you can mix and match. Skittles are great for combinations since each candy piece is so flavorful.

So many combinations!
Strawberry-Lemon-Orange is one of my favorites.

Overall, Skittles are pretty top notch.If you are a person who likes very strong fruit flavors then this is definitely a candy you should go for.

Skittles original flavor rates: 5 / 5

Taste the Rainbow!
 Skittles are copyright WM Wrigley Jr Company - find them online



  1. Mmmm...skittles! We like to get the other person to guess the flavour with a whole closed eyes feeding thing. I'm not gonna lie...I'm good!

  2. Mmmm...skittles! We like to get the other person to guess the flavour with a whole closed eyes feeding thing. I'm not gonna lie...I'm good!

  3. I like skittles I been eating them for years I now have type one diabetes and I was wondering can u make sugar free skittles I know there is alot of ppl other then me who would love if u did

  4. here is a enjoyable video on candy, find the skittles