Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day candy?

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone.

Quick question, why isn't there any St Patrick's Day candy in the stores? Where are the chocolate leprechauns? Where are the shamrock, and four leaf clover candies. Should today be made for delicious pots of golden candies? You'd think it'd be a given, but nope. Looking at the average drug store or supermarket candy aisle I can't seem to find anything.

Has Easter so supplanted St Patty's Day in the chocolate world that we can't afford even the smallest shelf space to a chocolate covered marshmallow clover? Or have people realized that marketing St Patrick's Day to kids and families isn't worth the time when you can instead focus in on the beer guzzling college kids to get those greenbacks.

Looking online there does appear to be some St Patrick's themed candy at places like The Oriental Trading Company, Candy Warehouse, and more. But why isn't it in stores? Why can't I walk into my local Walgreens and pick up the Jelly Belly Leprechaun Lucky Tower?!

Have you seen any St Patrick's Day candy in your local stores? Let me know in the comments.

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