Friday, March 30, 2012

Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs review

Last week was Cadbury Mini Eggs, and today we've got another egg contender as Easter draws near, it's time to review Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs!

Well let's get down to it. Starting with the packaging, these Mini Robin Eggs come in at leat two but I believe different packaging and sizes in the store, but I went for the smallest and most adorable sized sku. The milk carton styled container is great. I'd love it if all candies and chocolates of this kind came in carton style packages. there's lots of room for nice big box art, and you can pour the candy out just like a glass of milk. In fact maybe this is a hint that you should enjoy this candy with milk... hmm.

The art itself is very cool. great colors that pop, some cute cartoon robins flying around a nest of photographed eggs. It's a nice mixed use of cartoon and real picture that makes me think of Disney. Of note this is another Hershey product, and it's Whoppers, meaning we can expect a "malted milk candy in a crunchy shell". Since I'm a fan of Whoppers, I'm definitely on board for this treat.

Robin Egg or pill
When you open the box though things go a bit downhill. Look at these eggs. Do those look appealing? Sure I know they'll be pretty good, but they aren't really very egg shaped. Some of them look more like huge pills. And the paint job on the shell is really bad. what happened to a nice even speckling on the eggs? this looks like a slapdash job of painting if I ever saw it. I mean look at the egg below here what the heck is going on there?! Add that to the actual colors, which are all bland and slightly off. Off-pink, off-blue, and off-yellow (which actually looks almost greenish). Those are not appealing colors, and these eggs are really not appealing to look at.

However the taste is the most important thing and biting into one of these Robin Eggs there is some redemption. Whoppers are a pretty great, unique candy. They're basically a sponge like texture of sugar and milk (I suppose it's malted milk), but the consistency is one that has an airy, and melty quality to it. This is what makes the core of a Whopper, and these Mini Robin Eggs. Surrounding the malted milk core is a layer of milk chocolate (as are found around all Whoppers), the chocolate is pretty good for adding flavor to the whole, but in this case there is a hard candy shell surrounding the chocolate and that is where the real problem lies. The shell is too think, and too crunchy. there are too many different textures in a single Robin Egg and they all have different characteristics. Part of me wants to enjoy the malted milk melt away, and part of me wants to gum up the chocolate, both of which are enjoyable, but then there's the part of me that is forced to chomp away on the shell. By the time I'm done the shell, the malted milk is gone, and while it leaves a nice aftertaste, I didn't get to enjoy it.

So I guess there are a few takeaways here.
- Even though these Mini Robin Eggs have good elements, overall they are not good.
- A little conjecture but I'd say, Whoppers by themselves are pretty good.
- And a little speculation, maybe the big sized Whoppers Robin Eggs are better since there would be so much more malted milk, it might change that taste balance in its favor.

Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs rates: 1 / 5

Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs are manufactured by The Hershey Company find more at

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