Sunday, March 18, 2012

Toblerone has a size problem

I was flipping through the 'ol Pennysaver circular in the Sunday paper this morning and what did I see but an ad for Toblerone; and a sidebar highlighting some snazzy new packaging. Here's the main part of the ad.

Well? think about it? Do you really wish triangles were all made of Toblerone? I'd say probably not. If everything from your standard Yield sign to a pizza slice was Toblerone, I think I'd be driving into things while eating way too much. (Did I mention that I eat pizza while driving regularly?). And as for mountains made of Toblerone? Very dangerous when it comes to skiing.

The other bit of the ad was kind of interesting. And in direct contrast to the literal mountain of Toblerone in the picture above.

I'm not exactly sure why was wrong with the regular size Toblerone bar that they needed a smaller size. Yes we all know they come in giant sizes, but these days you can also get a pretty standard chocolate bar size in most stores (1.76 oz / 50 g). Sure by its nature you have to eat one triangle at a time, but i like having ... (I can't remember exactly but its) somewhere between 5 - 7 triangles in a bar. With only 3 traingles here in the mini version, I think I'd be wanting more. It's like those annoying fun sized Kit Kats that only have 2 sticks... might as well get a slap in the face.

My advice: stay away from both Toblerone minis and mountains of chocolate. Everything has its proper size even if the good people at Toblerone don't seem to understand that.

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  1. Why and how would skiing on a toblerone be dangerous?

  2. just one deadly hyphenated word... NOUGAT-VALANCHES!!!