Friday, March 23, 2012

Cabury Mini Eggs review

Can you feel it yet? It's coming... Easter is in the air, and today I've got a review for the egg and bunny lover in all of us, it's time to look at Cadbury Mini Eggs!

When it comes to tiny chocolate eggs, these have been a staple of the Easter season for years. I know Cadbury has a sorted history in the States, but I grew up in Canada and had much more access to these as a child. They were always some of my favorites, so the question now is of course, do they hold up?

First just a note on the packaging. I love it! This is such a festive Easter scene, with decorated eggs piled high in a grassy meadow. Spring flowers abound with tulips about to open, you can tell the Easter bunny has just dashed away from his stack of eggs for a few minutes as he prepares to go hopping around the world hiding eggs. And even though the purple backdrop is a standard Cadbury color, here it makes me feel like I'm looking in on the delicious chocolate egg pile under an evening sky... ok, maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I really like the graphics here.

The packaging says to expect "solid milk chocolate with a crisp sugar shell" and even boasts a picture of an egg opened up. Not something you'll see on every chocolate, that's for sure. One final note on the packaging though. On the back it says "Mfd. by The Hershey Company, under license from Cadbury UK ltd.". umm... what? Has this always been the case?! Are these the same chocolate eggs I would've had as a child in the wilds of Canada, or am I being duped into buying new-fangled American chocolate eggs? Will I be able to tell?

Well let's dive in and find out. When you get the eggs themselves out of the packaging you'll clearly see that there is some nice speckling design work on the outside of each shell. They look like tiny robin's eggs. They come in four pastel colors: Blue, Pink, Yellow, and White. For the record, these colors all taste the same. But they certainly are decorative.

Biting into the egg you'll find exactly as promised a crispy, candy shell covering an egg full of milk chocolate. The shell must've been created around the chocolate because there is no space between the solid milk chocolate egg, and its shell. The egg tastes pretty good overall, the chocolate seems mid range quality wise, and the candy coating is something that you'll have to actually chomp through since it shatters like an actual egg shell might and you don't want to get poked by sharp shell corners. But the overall impression is a pretty good one. The shell has a nice crunch, and the milk chocolate really is a good solid size. So for me at least a very few of these would be enough to satisfy my chocolate egg craving (yes I have those kind of cravings). But this is definitely a case of good, not great.

The question of does it hold up to what I remember as a kid? Well, that's a bit more convoluted, and honestly I don't know if this is the same chocolate I would have had inside my mini-eggs as a child. I don't really think it's as delicious as I remember though. Whether that because the chocolate may be of a different quality than it used to be, or because I'm not six waking up excitedly to find a chocolate bunny and basketful of eggs on the foot of my bed though is a question I don't think I can answer.

For the here and now though, this is a treat I enjoy, but not something I think I'd seek out.

Cadbury Mini Eggs rates: 3 / 5

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