Friday, March 9, 2012

Twix review

Yet another great review for you today on Walking the Candy Aisle, it's Twix!

Yes the original two chocolate bars in one, Twix "cookie bars" in the bright golden package. These are, and have always been one of my favorites, so I'm a little bit bias. But that's mostly because they are Soooo good!

First off, the packaging is great, eye catching shiny gold. It makes me feel like I'm about to buy something priceless, and the cookie bars with caramel and milk chocolate inside are really just about as good as gold. When I was a kid, other than maybe a Kit Kat, this bar was my first exposure in getting multiple chocolates in one package and I always felt like I got more for my money buying a Twix. Also when you have a sibling, having two chocolates makes life a lot easier when trying to split something.

 As for the cookie bar itself, that name is apt. The bar is based around a semi-crumbly cookie with a layer of caramel on top, followed by a casing of milk chocolate. When you bite into it you'll find yourself first peeling away the soft caramel from the rest of the bar, but then chewing down into a caramel chocolate goo followed abruptly by a cookie crunch. While the beginning of a mouthful may be filled with cookie chomping, you're left with a near perfect mixture of caramel and chocolate. When described it may sound like two conflicting experiences in a mouthful, but its not, the cookie and caramel / chocolate mixture compliment each other wonderfully, and this is a bar where I find myself enjoying each mouthful as a multi-faceted experience. Is it reading too much into things to say the cookie and caramel / chocolate combo is another extension of the twin theme for Twix? Yes , it probably is; but these are the things that come to mind when trying to explain how a mouthful of Twix just manages to work in every respect.

As for a rating, well I've really no choice but to give it top marks all around. You know this is a classic, and you know you want one.

Twix rates: 5 / 5

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  1. i like twix but is it aids safe

  2. I love Twix, this site was super helpful!

  3. mmmmm/mmmmmmmm/mmm MM twix

  4. Frr, who tf wants a crunchy chocolate bar. Chocolate already makes you thirsty

  5. Twix sucks. They allow 6 insects per bar. So u eat 12 bugs every time you eat a twix. The cookie dough ones will make you hate cookie dough