Friday, October 12, 2012

Cadbury Screme Egg review

We've got a great review for you today. Please enjoy this look at the much lauded Halloween 2012 treat, Cadbury Screme Egg!

Specially branded for Halloween this year Cadbury claims that their Screme Egg doesn't taste any different than the traditional Creme Egg, but instead of the usual goo inside you'll find green ooze! Awesome. right off the bat this is just great, but the design touches don't end there. Yesterday I posted about the various wrapper designs (there are three of them) and all are great. I've gone with the emerging brain as you can see in the picture. Definitely spooky stuff, and very fitting for Halloween.

If you'd like to see what I thought of the original Creme Egg, check out my review from last Easter here.

I love the green splat behind the Screme Egg writing, and that the color is still purple, but a more metallic look than the traditional Cadbury vein. Check out the detail on this brain too!

That's a great looking Brain. I love how the wrapper looks like its being peeled back to reveal the brain. Just awesome design touches all over this chocolate. Color me very impressed.

Unwrapped the egg looks pretty much exactly like a standard Cadbury Egg. The star pattern can be found on all of the Cadbury Eggs. Its got a great smell, and in the heat will leave a little residue on your fingertips. Certainly nothing unmanageable, but worth mentioning. I'm just excited to get into this egg!

Ahh there it is. Green goo. I suppose technically its "soft fondant", but lets keep with the goo. What's surprising to me is that I for some reason thought that the green goo would only be the yolk of the egg. I thought the rest would be white. Nope. This is green, green, green through and through. But wow, look at that green. It just pops right at you.

The taste is in fact exactly like a standard Creme Egg, at least I can't discern any difference. Its very sweet, but very good. You've got to be in the right mood for a Cadbury Egg, and don't even think about having more than one at a time, this is a special treat, and this Halloween version should be cherished even more so since its only here for a limited time.

Despite not having a proper yolk, one of the fun aspects of the traditional egg, I am VERY impressed with this chocolate. I mean, how many companies are actually willing to change the physical product? Even if its just cosmetic, they did a fantastic job here.

Just look at that gooey mess, how can you not love that?! If you can, you should definitely pick this one up before its gone!

Walking the Candy Aisle rates the Cadbury Screme Egg - 5 / 5

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