Monday, October 22, 2012

More Halloween Candy!

We  I know I posted pics about a lot of the Halloween candy in my previous posts on A Very Licensed Halloween, and The Mulitpack, but as we've gotten closer to Halloween I've found a bunch more candy to share. Honestly I was a bit disappointed before with the state of Halloween candy here in Canada compared to the States, and although I don't think the single bars and treats are exactly up to the American standard there does seem to be a decent selection in the larger grab bag packs.  Check out some more of great Halloween Candy below and for pics of everything Halloween 2012 you can always head over to The Candy Aisle Facebook page!

Body parts and eyeballs are always a favorite.

Finally found the Palmer chocolate and candy! I was wondering if it was here in Canada.

I call this mix pack, the lame candy.

A Halloween classic, here in Canada these are Rockets, in the States they are Smarties.

Scary picture.

Cute picture.

More eyeballs.

Did you have that family that gave out full chocolate bars on Halloween to? that family rocked!

Neilson Jersey Milk. This is another one that was super prevalent when I was a kid.


Is it warty gum?

Bleeding eyes, yuck :(

Her are the actual body parts. Even as a kid I hated these. Just gross.

Ferrara Pan represent!

Did these guys just have leftovers from their Oscar themed mix bag of candy?! Look at a calendar!

Chips are always a great change up for Halloween, but almost no one ever gave them out.

Nice Halloween themed packaging here.

Not so Halloweeny but its definitely... something.

Man I remember these one. Very crunchy.

Looks juicy.

A classic with the Smarties.

Anyhow, that's A LOT of photos, So I'll leave you there. Looks like there are a whole heap of choices for candy this Halloween. What are you excited to try?

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