Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Peeps Marshmallow Pumpkins review

Its finally here! Happy Halloween everyone. Today I've got one more special Halloween review for you, its time to look at the oh so spooky Peeps Marshmallow Pumpkins.

There's something almost otherworldly ab out Peeps isn't there? I mean people seem to certainly regard them in high esteem. I for one have never fallen prey to the cult of Peeps. No its not because I hate them, I just don't get why people get so worked up over a few sugared marshmallow ducks. I'm looking forward to trying out these Pumpkins though. I can't remember the last time I actually had a Peep, so this should be exciting.

First off, Peeps all have some pretty nice design and packaging work. They're wholly original in presentation. From the font of the logo to packaging in the open, letting the candy talk for itself under clear cellophane. Its minimal and ingenious. I mean, look at how much you're getting for your money here! that's a lot of jack-o-lanterns smiling back at me.

The back of the box is pretty simple too. I like the note that they are "always in season" since its certainly true. Nowadays you can get peeps for almost any reason. They may not be on the shelf all year exactly, but anytime there is a candy holiday on the rise you'll find them in the Candy Aisle. Is that comforting to you? I'm not sure.... I guess if you're one of those die hard fans then it probably is.

Getting the actual Peep out requires a little ripping and minor disfigurements, but its all worth it. This is a squishy marshmallow candy coated generously in sugar. The sugar is very... granular, and a residue will come off on your fingers, but thats also just the nature of Peeps.
I'm on the record now with my complaints against candy marshmallow, and I usually stand by that claim. However Peeps may be the exception to the rule that marshmallow needs to be paired with a stronger flavor like caramel. Here its paired with simple sugar, and for the most part works very well.

There's something very viscerally satisfying about manhandling a Peep. They crush, crack, and tear so easily. Despite how adorable the face here, how kind of un-pumpkiny it actually looks (is this the Easter rabbit face design re-purposed into a pumpkin?) There's something very pleasing about pulling the cute smiling face apart. This is a happy pumpkin, and destroying it makes me happy too. Is tat weird?

And when you get down to actually eating the Peeps, you'll find its really pretty decent. The marshmallow isn't terrible quality, and the texture of the sugar adds a lot to the smooth, slightly melty mallow. This is a candy that lives, and is loved for a lot of reasons other than how it tastes, but for all that grandstanding, its really not all that bad. In fact its far better than it needs to be considering all the other stuff its got going for it.

I do like Peeps, and I do recommend the Marshmallow Pumpkins. I'm not quite ready to sign up for cult membership, but this is definitely worth your time.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Peeps Marshmallow Pumpkins - 4 / 5

Peeps are a Just Born product, these are the same guys behind Mike & Ikes and have possibly the best company tagline ever, "A great candy isn't made... it's Just Born.". You can find them online at

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