Monday, October 8, 2012

Cadbury snack cakes

Walking around the Canadian grocery store is a very different proposition now than it was the 10 plus years ago when I left the country. There are so many strange little nuances that have changed. Its all kind of different yet so oddly the same as I remember it.

Today I managed to stumble across something very new though. Alongside the likes of Little Debbie, and Hostess snack cakes I found some Cadbury cakes! Man I wish these were around when I was 10, they look delicious.

I hope you recall the Caramilk and Mr. Big chocolate bars. They are both excellent and I hope to review them here soon.

As for these cakes. I had a brief but intense period of my life when I ate these kind of cakes all the time. I mean every single day. I was in grade 8 and for some reason they allowed a food truck to come onto the school property. So lunchtime meant readily available candy, assuming you had the cash. I made sure to have enough for something pretty much all the time though. For my part I always had an internal struggle between the popular Jos Louis, and the less known but equally awesome May West cake.

Let me know if you had a favorite snack cake in the comments below. Suffice it to say these cakes here sure look great.


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