Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Multipack

Well I'm still undecided about what to 'serve' the kiddies on Halloween this year, but I've certainly got a few options. I'm trying to think what we did the past few years in San Francisco... not too much I think. I lived in a condo complex and we really didn't get many (if any) kids to our door. You know I think we may even have headed out and gone to stay with friends in San Jose over Halloween. My kids are only now just getting to trick or treating age, but really next year I think will be the year.

Anyhow, I've got a choice to make since I'm now living in Canada where I think pretty much everyone gives out candy. I'm in a good kid neighborhood now too. So I'd better make my decision wisely...

Looking around the stores though I have to say I'm unimpressed. The candy multipacks seem to be all the rage, and the selling point isn't even about the treats inside; its actually all about number of items. Seems like a very analytical way of seeing things. Wheres the wow factor? Is it just because they know they are already proven candies that they don't have to try?

I'm also pretty disappointed on the graphic design front for pretty much all of this packaging. Makes me want to buy some of that licensed stuff I was talking about instead.

For your edification though here are some of the candy multipacks available in Canada.

Hershey's makes a pretty strong showing with their selection. I like that they've got multiple skus on the bundles and that the one is nut-free. Pretty important with kids these days...Also note the rare Hershey's Caramel bar... have you ever seen that before???

Twizzlers are another Hershey brand candy, and I can't say if I've ever actually talked about them here on the blog before... Well I suppose I don't usually give them much thought. They're decent but I never got hung up on them like some people I know. My favorite is Strawberry pull and peel, and I HATE black licorice. This is another good Halloween option, Twizzlers are always appreciated and mix things up a bit from the standard Nerds and candy bracelets.

So here we have the Nestle multipacks. That's a good mix of very Canadian chocolate bars.

Interestingly I also came across this "American" Nestle multipack. Since Baby Ruth are not sold in Canada normally this may be the only way for lots of Canadians to get one...Although you may want to check out my review before rushing out.

Wonka, another imprint of Nestle, also has its own multipack. Now this is what really sells me on Halloween. All of these treats are exactly the kind of good old standards I want and expect in my candy bag at the end of a night trick or treating. Not as exciting as a chocolate bar, but everyone loves some Nerds. Great stuff.

Mars (ne Wrigley) makes a stong showing with this massive 100 pack! They win for most candy in a single box, and boy is it a good mix. I would be happy to get any of these on a Halloween night. Mini Snickers and mini Mars bars were always the most coveted of the Halloween candy growing up. This is a sure fire winner.

If you did not know, Skittles / Starburst are also part of the Mars (Wrigley) family. This is another good mix pack, although instead of Sour Skittles I wish they had Berry, or Tropical. Hopefully by now you know my feelings on Skittles.

And just look  at what Cadbury has to offer in their multipack. All good solid choices. I don't think we even had fun sized Caramilk when I was a kid. Man I could definitely go for a Wunderbar though. Great mix bag here. The one outlier is the Mr Big. Doesn't a 'fun sized' version of the candy bar reknowned for being big kind of defeat the purpose?

Finally I suppose I wouldn't be back in Canada if there wasn't some Maynards around. This seems like a pretty good mix. I wonder how many pieces you'd actually get in each individual bag...

Well thats all for the Multipacks. I suppose I'm still a bit undecided on what to get. Maybe the Mars pack, or maybe the Wonka one. I wish there were better themed candies around to give out. Well I guess thats just the breaks here. More candy content coming here soon. Until then have a spooky good time and let me know what candy you're giving out this year   :)

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