Friday, November 2, 2012

Aero review

Well now that Halloween's behind us it seems like a good time to focus on a few Canadian classics for reviews here on the Candy Aisle, and today we get right into the thick of it with Nestlé's Aero.

Now this is an interesting bar. It's available in most places in the world that buys Nestlé chocolates, except the United States. Why that is, I have no idea. This is a pretty unique chocolate bar and I'd imagine it does well most places. I certainly can't think of any direct rivals off the top of my head. And that's because this bar is deceptively simple. Essentially this is a straightforward bar of milk chocolate. It's all about the context though, almost a question of presentation. Aero is milk chocolate that has been infused throughout with tiny air bubbles. So it's a question of form, a question of texture, rather than any especially unusual taste.

Aero's gimmick is deceptively simple and effective. They bill themselves as being lighter (since they're filled with air). Not exactly healthier, at least not overtly. But there's definitely some of that feeling implied with the Aero bar. The white packaging, the effervescent bubbles, and the title font could easily be lifted directly from a bottle of shampoo. This bar has hints of many other products, and honestly it works.

 Looking at Aero from the outside, it doesn't seem like there's too much going. Its got sections that are breakable, and sharable, which is always nice, and I appreciate the uniquely curved face. That said, it isn't much different looking than a Caramilk bar. The word Aero imprinted on the bar is nice as well, but probably unnecessary since this specific shape isn't found anywhere else, that I've seen at least.

The bar certainly smells decent though. I think when it comes down to it and your eating away, this is a chocolate bar that will need to rely on its chocolate taste more than its innovative form. So really it better smell and taste good.

Biting into the bar you'll immediately notice the air bubbles. They add a kind of odd texturing to the chocolate (at least at first). This is the kind of texture that make you really want to run your tongue along the edge of the bar, to experience all the form has to offer. Yes it feels light in the sense that there is actually more air in your regular sized mouthful of chocolate bar. But come bite number two everything breaks down, the gimmick goes away, and is really just chocolate.

The good news is that the experience however brief, really is interesting. The texture really is kind of cool to feel, and the chocolate is pretty good. I mean this isn't Lindt quality milk chocolate, but its pretty great for Nestlé.

This is definitely an experience worth seeking out. Don't expect the Aero bar to change your life or anything, but its something new you should try at least once.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Aero - 4 / 5

Aero is a product of Nestlé, you can find out more about it at their site right here.


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