Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hershey's Kisses Candy Cane review

The holiday season is upon us and today we kick of our holiday reviews with a great starter, Hershey's Kisses Candy Cane!

These delectable little treats come in a number of varieties, but the basic concept is milk chocolate in a bell or drop shape, covered in foil with a cute little flag poking out the top. They have been around for ages and have come in a number of flavors, including white chocolate, dark chocolate, with almonds and more. These ones are flavored like peppermint candy canes! Kisses almost always come in a bag like this. The bag holds maybe 30 or so Kisses inside so this is definitely one you'll have for a long haul. In fact at holiday time they make for great snacks in a bowl for visitors.

I like the bag we've got here, it's thematically appropriate, frosty white with the red peppermint bands of candy canes along the sides. I like the snowflakes, and of course the kisses themselves are prominently displayed. This is one of the few candies that advertizes itself by showing more wrappers, instead of the actual chocolate. Kinda weird, but it works because you end up remembering what the wrappers are and picking your favorites out of a crowd. mmm... a crowd of kisses, that's nice :)

In case you still are a bit mystified just imagine a standard chocolate chip grown through terrible experimentation to ginormous size. Thats what this is, the godzilla of chooclate chips.

I really like the packaging here, it fits the standards for all Kisses, foil wrapped tightly around the chocolate. Here we see red candy cane shapes peppered over the wrapper, and the trademark little flag coming out the top. Often the flag will just say Hershey's on it but in this case it actually says Candy Cane. I think thats a good idea since so many people are likely to be sharing Kisses around the holidays, and not everyone might pick up on the design on the wrapper.

Getting the chocolate out if its wrapper, you can see how good this looks, even if you're not a fan of candy canes you have to be a little impressed with how well they've done the pin-striping on this chocolate. The smell of peppermint is very strong and it has a good undercurrent of chocolate.

Kisses are big, for tiny chocolates, but small for a sweet snack, I think part of the thing that makes them so great is that they actually look a lot like chocolate chips. Everyone knows that eating a chocolate chip is like nothing. No big deal. So eating a Hershey's Kiss shouldn't be a big deal either. And compared to the size of some candies and chocolates you'll see around the holidays its not, but these are exactly the kind of chocolates that you'll eat 4 or 5 of then only realize it after the fact.

Biting into the Kiss is good. The chocolate isn't too strong here. Probably a good thing considering Hershey's chocolate is pretty middle of the road (or bad depending on who you ask). The main sensation is a texture of smooth chocolate, accented by the surprising pops of actual hard bits of peppermint candy cane. This really is surprising! I mean I saw the coloring on the outside, but a part of me just thought it was decoration. Nope, this really is peppermint candy cane . Little bits of it are flecked just under the surface of the Kiss.

The distribution isn't too even over the surface of the Kiss, and some Kisses have certainly more peppermint than others, but overall the effect is a good one.

I've never been a huge fan of actual candy canes, mostly due to the messy form factor, and the fact that it inevitably gets stuck in your teeth, while this may get stuck in your teeth, the individual pieces are so small I'd doubt it, and the chocolate really isn't very messy at all. Definitely not as sticky as a candy cane gets.

If you like candy canes this is a great way to get the fix, without the mess; and you'll get some chocolate to boot. I'm a fan of this and think that you should check it out, especially if you expect guests to drop in over the holidays. This is a much easier, and more affordable holiday treat than say Lindors, and the flavor is great. I'm looking forward to trying more holiday themed Kisses.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Hershey's Kisses Candy Cane - 4 / 5

For more on all things Hershey's and Kisses, please visit http://www.hersheys.com/


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