Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Turtles review

Today we've got another Christmas review for you, lets look at the ever popular holiday favorite Turtles.

While technically this may not be a holiday themed treat, for some reason it is heavily marketed at the holidays. Perhaps its the odd inclusion of pecans as the central nut... Would consumers not accept pecans at other times of year? It seems like we're ready to have all sorts of nuts at the holidays. Kinda weird. Anyhow in case you were wondering, while this is branded under the DeMet's Candy Company logo elsewhere, here it is a Nestlé product.

Looking at the package I have to admit right off the bat I'm a fan. While I don't usually go in for the corny old timey 1920s look of red and white (or silver) stripes, this has a classiness that is somehow charming. Possibly I'm just used to seeing it every year for my whole life so I don't mind. Either way I think the effect works, especially around the holidays when everyone is a bit more lenient on cheesy stuff.

If you haven't had it before, this is a chocolate filled with pecans and caramel. Its designed to look somewhat like a turtle. And although there have reportedly been a few attempts at making it more distinctly turtle-like over the years for the most part you'll see Turtles as they appear on the package, kind of blobby and mounded with a few protrusions. I like how on the packaging picture you can see the caramel dripping. That kind of gooey-ness is exactly what I'm looking for.

Looking at the other side of the package we see what is possibly one of the coolest mascots ever. Its the fancy Turtle guy. Now obviously this guy just exudes class. Top hat and tux, a red bow tie, and to complete the ensemble an actual to goodness monocle! Why don't all turtles dress up like this?! Its hilarious and adorable. I mean this guy, Mr Monopoly, and Mr Peanut should definitely be hanging out. It all totally works for me.

Over at the DeMet's website you can also get a full view of him, and he is totally awesome :)
 Ok, let's get into the actual chocolate here. As you can see its not too big, definitely smaller than a candy bar, but its bigger by far than your average box of chocolates chocolate, and at the holidays that's what Turtles will be directly competing with. I also appreciate that there are three in each package; its tiring seeing how many chocolates have transitions to two small halves of chocolate in every wrapper.

Biting into the turtles, we get into the goods... or not so good in this case. The chocolate is totally unremarkable, the caramel is not gooey, despite the promises of the packaging, but the pecans are the biggest problem here.

I wondered earlier to myself why there weren't more candies and chocolates based around pecans. I mean peanuts just totally dominate the field... Where are the cashew, or walnut, or pistachio flavored chocolate bars? Well if this is an indication, I think I know. Those other chocolate bars don't exist because peanuts are simply way better when paired with chocolate than any other nut. Case in point, this turtle tastes pretty bad.

Perhaps bad is too harsh a word for it; this is more a case of a totally unexciting chocolate. There's nothing to engage with here, the chocolate isn't terrible, but isn't anything special. The caramel isn't gooey, but it is sweet and its not like rock hard... I just am not digging the Turtle at all though, there's nothing grabbing me and saying 'this is where you're supposed to be paying attention and caring!' I have a sinking feeling that this would be a pretty decent chocolate if only it was filled with peanuts instead of pecans.

This is  a disappointing chocolate through and through. I don't think I'll be getting this one again, and suggest you skip this one for your holiday treats.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Turtles - 2 / 5

Turtles are a DeMet's Candy Company / Nestlé product, please find out more about them at http://www.demetsturtles.com/


  1. Great tips regrading holiday candies . You provided the best information which helps us a lot. Thanks for sharing the wonderful information.

  2. I have worked for Demets/Pladis making turtles for several years in the upstate NY area. I have to absolutely disagree with this review. You would think after almost ten years of eating and testing the product one would be sick of it. However this is not the case. I definitely purchase other brands of candy, in part because I eat Turtles, Flipz, and several other of our delicious treats and biscuits for free, but it is for variety purposes only. I honestly hope that costumers go out and try our regular three piece, four piece, bite size, or mini!! Make sure you pick up a bag of Flipz pretzels also! We are not one of the biggest candy/ confectionery businesses in the world for selling a poorly rated product.

  3. I just returned a pack I purchased two days ago! I was dissatisfied and very disappointed. The brand isn’t the same as the pack indicated original. I made my purchase based on this word original, those were a favorite and back then you could purchase these candies in tin cans. You could order them thru elementary school drives. Today I was not satisfied because the favor was missing the original texture and bite, it was weak Carmel favor and nut crumbs not one whole or half nut but crumbs. I couldn’t justify spending $7.00 for those things and the brand isn’t what it used to be unless I got a bad batch. Maybe the new customer is having a good experience because they aren’t custom to what carmels and nuts are suppose to taste and feel like as a turtle and that may well please your new customer base. The old school people know the difference as like most candies and cakes aren’t the same.

    1. Could not agree with this more! Loved this chocolate as a kid! Seriously looked forward to it around the holidays. It was a staple gift from my grandmother. I’ve loved them my whole life. But THEY ARE SO FAR FROM HOW GOOD THEY USE TO BE! I mean they’re ok and just ok. The texture is way off. Like u said no nuts. They use to actually have chunky nuts and that’s what made them look like turtles. They might as well just make them round now. lol they def fell off. Smh shame.