Monday, November 19, 2012

Not for Minors..

Chocolates are for kids right? Well, all except the rare and highly taboo liquor filled chocolates :D

I know when I was a kid I almost never got to try liquor filled chocolates, except maybe around Christmas time. But even then it was usually just an accident that I stumbled onto the delicious Grand Marnier filled chocolate in the box. Of course I loved it. Even as a child alcohol tasted pretty great. Especially sweet alcohol like sherry or schnapps.

Well the tradition  of alcohol infused chocolates has been around really for a long time, and I suspect other people got them more regularly than I ever did. This year though that's about to change, because as I mentioned last week, I have come across Groupo Turin, and their Italian alcohol filled chocolates. Perfect for the holidays. While last week all I saw was their Bailey's variety, they actually have  a ton of different ones on the market!

Check this stuff out!

 I've picked up a box of the Baileys Irish Cream, so expect a review of those soon. These crazy Italians... bless their alcoholic hearts! I'm really looking forward to trying this.

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