Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Christmas in the Aisle

I just can't help posting some more fun pics from the Christmas displays of candy and chocolates, it all looks so good!

Lots of goodies to check out here!

First ghost shapes at Halloween, and now skates for Christmas. How very Canadian of them. However, with everything thats going on with the NHL right now, it might upset some people...

 Look at that great Toblerone Christmas wrapping. I love over-sized chocolates and Toblerone is the king!

 Kinder has a nice display, although I'm not sure about the dolls. But just look at that Santa Claus. Seriously that is some Christmas magic right there :)

Berries grow in winter right? I guess in Sweden they do...

Cute Kisses packaging :)

 Hershey also has re-molded and re-packaged their milk chocolate, and cookies 'n cream bars with fun holiday designs. Very cool. I especially like Frosty, he looks like the old Frosty cartoon version.

Toblerone, and Lindtgift boxes to wrap it out. There certainly is a lot of Christmas cheer in the Candy Aisle this year!

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