Friday, November 23, 2012

M&M's Coconut review

Here we find ourselves once again looking at some M&Ms. Today we've got a really fun review for you, its time to check out Coconut M&M's.

What?! Coconut?! Yes in fact these do exist. They may have been talked about in hushed tones across the candy world for the past while, but now you can see them for yourself. For some reason the idea of Coconut M&Ms seems totally outlandish to a lot of people. While this started out as a limited edition flavor its turned permanent in the US, Canada and a few other places. That said many people have still never actually seen these in stores. While they may sound mythical they are in fact real, so lets have a look :)

Starting with the packaging, I have to say I'm impressed. White, with the little ball patterning on the background, and the use of the Green M&M as the mascott all strike me as very coconutty (is that a word?). Anyhow, I like the fun look, it reminds me of a bottle of Malibu (coconut flavored rum), which of course always makes me happy. I like how little miss Green M&M has the flower in her hair, or shell... whatever. And if you look up close at the actual M&Ms on the package you get a little preview of the fun designs on the candy shells. I see palm trees, flowers and more. Very fun all around. Lets break into these shall we?

The M&Ms themselves are slightly larger than you'll find in regular plain M&Ms. This is typical for specialty M&Ms though. They come in Green, White, and Brown colors, all of which continue the coconut theme nicely. Overall I'm very impressed so far.

Now comes the one real question here. When you bite into a coconut M&M will you find a white chocolate inside, or a white coconut inside??? This is of specific concern to me as I've personally always shied away from chocolate and coconut mixtures because of the coconut texture. Its just never been to my taste. Will we find the same shredded coconut texture inside here?

Actually no. Not at all. The inside of the Coconut M&M looks disappointingly, just like a regular milk chocolate M&M. But it taste very coconutty! I think I would've liked it if the inside was white, but I'm glad it doesn't have the coconut texture. Now I'm not sure exactly how they did it but it tastes like it has been infused with coconut flavoring, juice, water, or whatnot. I sure don't see any specks of coconut in there, but I can definitely taste them.

This is actually pretty great. Its got the taste of chocolate and coconut but none of the texture. This suits me perfectly. The chocolate is just as good as you'd expect from M&Ms, and the overall impression is totally solid. I've got to give them props for this one. They've made a fan out of me, and I'll certainly recommend them.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Coconut M&Ms - 4 / 5

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  1. i have a bag of these but i havent opened them due to the fear of seeing coconut in the middle and having it go to waste.

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