Friday, November 30, 2012

Coffee Crisp Egg review

Today we are looking at a real oddity, the Coffee Crisp Egg.

This should be a quick and hopefully fun little review for you today. I took a look at the full version of Coffee Crisp a few weeks back here on the blog, and gave it top marks. A full 5 out of 5 for its ingenuity, design, and most importantly awesome taste blending coffee and chocolate into one fantastic candy bar. Today we're looking at that same bar but in another form. Can the egg live up to its big brother bar? Lets have a look.

Right off the bat I'm a bit wary of this. Why is an egg being sold around Halloween / Christmas time? That doesn't fit thematically. And why is this thing on super discount everywhere I look? I have a sinking feeling that this is an Easter holdover that Nestlé Canada is trying to unload before their Christmas goodies come onto the shelves. And most importantly before their 2013 Easter chocolates show up. But hey, maybe I'm wrong...

I think the packaging is fine, kind of a little version of the big packaging. I always liked the cCoffee Crisp font, and especially the steaming cuppa coffee in the letter O. I'm definitely concerned about the picture showing the inside of the egg though. The chocolate bar version of Coffee Crisp that I love so much features a chocolate / coffee mix layered between crisp wafers, this looks like a big blob of chocolate.

Also I understand that eggs are all the rage and everything, but if you're going that route then why put the chocolate into a full bag? why not just a foil wrapper like all the other normal eggs? Maybe this Coffee Crisp has special needs...

Opening it up we see a standard looking chocolate egg. I like the spiral patterning and design work here, and the Nestlé imprint is a nice touch. It feels solid, heavy, and smells alright. Not like coffee, which is something I get a lot of from the bar, but this may just be its own thing. Lets bite into this egg.

Hmm... ok, well this is interesting. So what we've got here is a fairly solid, definitely hard piece of milk chocolate. There is a little flavoring in it... could that really be the coffee? If it is I'm surprised. This is very mildly flavored if it is coffee. The real misstep though is the texture. The texture is nothing like a regular Coffee Crisp. This is not what I'm expecting, or really looking for at all. There are wafers, yes; but they're not layered. There's no line of wafer, no crisp crunch to them. The wafer is broken into tiny pieces and scattered throughout the egg. The closest thing I can think of that this resembles is a Crunch bar. Yes the wafer tastes like wafer, and not rice crispies as in the case of a Crunch, but they are placed thoughout as you'd find in that chocolate, and it has much of the same texture. Well, it would if it weren't such a thick piece of chocolate that I need to chomp through.

I'm not sure what Nestlé was thinking but this does not taste like a Coffee Crisp. I wouldn't be nearly so disappointed if I didn't have that in my mind. And frankly this is so different they could've called it anything else and it would be ok. I mean this isn't terrible, but its not very good. This is just ok. And the fact that they've tricked me into thinking I'm getting Coffee Crisp in one form or another is shameful. I simply cannot recommend this chocolate egg.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates the Coffee Crisp Egg - 2 / 5

For more on all things Nestlé please check out their site here.

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