Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lindt Milk Chocolate Santa review

Well we've got another Christmas review for you today. This one should be pretty straightforward, its the Lindt Milk Chocolate Santa.

Let's just be clear before we get into this. I know Lindt has a great track record and all, but I don't think that this example of their milk chocolate should be considered necessarily on par withtheir regular milk chocolate. Most companies have tiers of quality and often the holiday chocolates get the lesser grade stuff. I wouldn't hold this as a review for regular Lindt milk chocolate.

Ok, so with that I do have high hopes here. Lindt is a great Swiss chocolatier, known around the world for their awesome Lindor chocolates. I am definitely a fan going in. And looking at this Santa I have to say I am impressed. The package design is very nice. I like the mix between old school 'father christmas' type of santa (with the robe and the bell), and the newer coca-cola type of santa (with the red suit, beard and furred collar).

I like the fact that he's accented by stars on his trim, thats kind of magical. And I like that he's got a few toys spilling out of his golden sack. There's are some very nice touches to all of this.

 My favorite though has to be the eyes. Great work all over, but the face and eyes are awesome. That's a wonderful playful expression, and the eyes, and eye wrinkles really sell me on the Christmas vibe. Lets get into this a bit more.

Now we come to the weirdness. This guy inside the wrapper looks nothing like the guy on the outside of the wrapper! I mean sure he's got a beard and some toys but wow, what a startling difference. I wonder if some marketing person told them that the outside had to be more commercial. This guy here looks like the fiddler on the roof (yes I get the irony of that). I'm not saying its at all bad, just totally surprising.

He's got a weird sash, or is it a cricket bat or something that he's holding in his right hand... I think it must be a sash, and then on the left side he's got these toys dangling down by a rope. boxes of presents and a bugle! Seriously a bugle. That's some excellent molding to have that kind of detail. This guys is definitely an old school Santa. Definitely a European Santa. I have to say I love it.

 Again the face has the best work. The eyelids, and the slight twirl to the beard... absolutely stunning stuff. I mean if it didn't smell so good I'd just like to keep looking at it. BUT the show must go on!

 Biting into this Chocolate Santa is amazing. I mean I literally can't stop from smiling this thing is so good. The chocolate is creamy and smooth. It melts in my mouth into buttery goodness. This is just the right balance and I can't imagine at all that Lindt skimped on anything here. I suppose if I have to find something wrong I could say that it could be thicker... but then again it just doesn't matter with chocolate of this quality. This is not a question of quantity at all. This is just utterly fantastic.

I strongly urge you to go out and find this chocolate while its around.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Lindt's Milk Chocolate Santa - 5 / 5

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