Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby Ruth review

We've got another classic review for you today, with Nestlé's Baby Ruth.

This chocolate bar is a weird one for me. It's got to be the most famous chocolate bar that I never ate as a kid. Why? because it just wasn't available in Canada. I think my first knowledge of Baby Ruth had to come from The Goonies. There's a great scene in that film (which truly is a classic) where Chunk gives Sloth a Baby Ruth to befriend him and then he end up helping the kids and saving the day. Ever since seeing that I knew I had to try Baby Ruth. For some reason though on my various trips to the States as a child I never ended up getting one. I don't think I actually tried a Baby Ruth until I was maybe 20 years old. And to be honest I'm not sure I've had one since that first time.

Lets start then by looking at the packaging. Nestlé has been printing this "2 for $1" logo on a few of their bars lately and I definitely approve. At least I know I'm not getting ripped off. Looking at the rest of the package though its pretty full, pretty busy. I prefer a little less ostentatious packages but I wonder if this is trying to evoke something of the excitement that you'd feel in a baseball stadium. Checking out the wiki, it seems like the company that invented the bar, claimed they weren't naming it after the baseball legend, but instead after Grover Cleveland's daughter... riiight... and I'm sure there was never any confusion over that one. And of course conveniently they didn't have to pay any name royalties to Babe Ruth. Even the font is a baseball font for god sakes... Ok, moving on though, there is some pretty serious text on the side of the packaging "Bursting with Peanuts, Rich Caramel, and Chewy Nougat - Savor the Good Stuff!" definitely a bit wordy for a slogan in my opinion, but I guess it works. It seems like you should know there's an issue though when you can't even fit your slogan on the front of the candy bar.

As for the chocolate bar itself. Well it looks ok. There is another famous scene in a movie with this chocolate bar where in Caddyshack a Baby Ruth is thrown into a swimming pool and all of the people at the club think someone did something else in there... until Bill Murray comes along and takes a bite out of it. I suppose you could see that looking at a Baby Ruth...

The smell is pretty minimal, alright, but nothing super exciting. Biting into the bar is a bit difficult. There's a real pull to the bar that means you need to chomp down hard to get your bite off. The first sensation though though is texture. This is a really chewy bar. I mean really chewy, Is it the caramel, or the nougat? I kind of think its both... although I suppose on the side of the wrapper it says that the nougat is chewy. Ok, well looking at the bar, you've got a core of nougat, surrounded on 3 sides by caramel and peanut. I'll give them something for having the caramel and peanuts on the sides as well as the top, but the mixture is really not very pleasant. I don't know if its just my tastes, but this candy bar is making me work too hard for a bite, and on top of that, its really too sweet. The nougat is chocolate flavored, the caramel is rich, and the milk chocolate coating is strong too; this is just too sugary. I think the main here culprit is the nougat though. This nougat is too chewy, and too sweet. I am not enjoying this chocolate bar.

Well no wonder I never had another Baby Ruth since the first time. Its really not for me. Oh I suppose there may be some tastes that would like this, but I am certainly not one of them.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Baby Ruth - 2 / 5

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  1. Have to say I am not a huge fan of Baby Ruth's either. It is too much like hard work for me to eat!

  2. Bought bag of baby Ruth's recently...they had hardly any nuts...will not buy owns that part of nestle now...have gone cheap and put less nuts..👎👎