Sunday, April 15, 2012

PayDay review

Today is TAX DAY here in the States.

Well technically this year it will actually get pushed to Monday since its the weekend, but April 15th has traditionally been the day Americans have to file their taxes. I think we can all agree that even if you don't end up having to pay out on tax day, the process of doing your taxes all around sucks. So in honor of Tax Day and hopefully to make the day just a little bit better I've got a review for you of PayDay.

Truth be told, I have never had one of these before in my life. I'm not sure if they aren't available in Canada, or somehow I just skipped over it, but I've always passed PayDay by in favor of other chocolate bars. No longer though, I am very excited to try this candy bar.

Looking at the packaging I'm impressed. Its bold. Until the recent influx of coconut bars and the like I don't think there were very many candy bars in white packaging. I love how it stands out though, and rightly so. This is a pretty unique bar. A "Peanut Caramel bar"... and nope it doesn't have a hint of chocolate anywhere near it. This is serious stuff.

 Looking at the bar itself I'm impressed again. Lots of peanuts coat the outside of a caramel stick, and they're all pretty well stuck in there. I think one fell off but that's a good ratio considering the entire bar is covered in them. And the smell is great. It smells like... well like peanuts and caramel.

Biting into it I got a bit of a surprise. For some reason I had imagined that there would be peanuts throughout the bar; instead this is really a pure stick of caramel that's been rolled in peanuts as its final outer coating. Not bad by any means just not what I was expecting. As for the taste, well the first thing I noticed was that the peanuts were really good, and pretty heavily salted. Since I like salted peanuts I'm a fan already. Getting into the caramel though there's even more to enjoy. The caramel is soft enough to bite through without issue. I don't feel like I'm killing my jaw to chomp it up, and it has that mild melt to it that good caramel has. I like how it mixes with the peanuts and thankfully other than a little bit of peanut nothing significant got caught in my teeth (always another concern with peanut and / or caramel).

I definitely dig this bar, there's no pretension to it. What you see is what you get. That's refreshing in and of itself, but the bar is really pretty good too. I am surprised at how solid PayDay is, and I think I'll definitely have it again.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates PayDay - 4 / 5

PayDay is manufactured by The Hershey Company, find more from them here, or check out


  1. I just tried the Texas BBQ flavored Payday bar. It is absolutely disgusting. They need to pull every one of those candy bars off the market while they can. I may never buy another Payday after one bite. It is awful. I should have known, who would market a BBQ flavored candy bar?

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