Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Old Ads bubble gum pt 1

Our look at old candy advertizing continues today with a few fun ads I found in some comic books for bubble gum. While I'm not a huge fan of gum now, preferring mints, when I was a kid I loved bubble gum, and not the Doublemint boring kind, I wanted Juicy Fruit, Big Red, Chicklets, or even better Bubbilicious, and Hubba Bubba. Looking back on it I'd say my requirements were twofold: lots of sugar, and bubble blowing potential.

Let's have a look at these great ads for Bubble Yum.

 I just love this ad. Four happy go lucky kids, just hanging out at the park chewing some Bubble Yum. They're white of course, kind of preppy, I especially love the scarf of the girl, and the awesome 80s headband on the other girl. But seriously these kids don't have a care in the world. Probably because they've got NEW Pink Lemonade flavor Bubble Yum. I mean that's probably made their day right there. But that is not all by a longshot, this is my favorite kind of ad, and interactive one! Word jumble = awesome. You've got a jumble and a riddle, its like that bottom section of the newspaper comics with the games that I always want to play but never do. But this one is better because its dead simple, and about Bubble Yum! Ok, lets do it. Yes I see there's an answer key on the bottom, but don't look at that.... hmm.. ok got it. Soft, Smooth, Juicy, Yummy, Pink, Bubbles...and I guess they've got to sday "Its a MOUTHFUL of Yum!" sweet, thanks for playing along. This ad gets top marks all around from me.

Yet another fun Bubble Yum ad. I love the purple word balloons, and that its unique in that it puts us in place of the candy clerk. Although, what kind of a jackass working at a candy store eats your gum before you get any?! If I were that kid, I would be pretty peeved off by the end of that ad. Still I like the idea behind the ad, pretty fun stuff.

And finally we've got the introduction of another new flavor of Bubble Yum. This time its Wild Cherry. I know Wild Cherry was hot back in the late 80s but I never really got into it. I think maybe that's because I was never a huge cherry fan to start with. It kind of always made me think of medicine. But anyhow, as for this ad its again really a lot of fun. Kids at the Circus having good clean bubble blowing fun. That's something you can't go wrong with, there's even a clown so you know its a great time. I also like that there are 5 flavors, including the always lame (but popular) Sugarless. Where's Pink Lemonade though?! I have a feeling this was a later incarnation of Bubble Yum. Anyhow, a fun time all around with Bubble Yum.

Bubble Yum was originally owned by Lifesavers, and then moved to Hershey, and is still around. You can see more on it here. But their current crop of flavors include: Original, Original Sugarless, Cotton Candy, Sour Apple Berry, and Jolly Rancher Watermelon. According to wiki, it was the original soft bubble gum, introduced in 1977. Pretty cool :)

These ads we're pulled from What If...? #41, What If...? #37, and What If...? #21 respectively.

I've got a few more awesome bubble gum ads to share, so look for more in a part 2 to this post. Until them I think I should try to get some gum...when was the last time you even blew a bubble?

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