Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cadbury Chocolate Creme Egg review

Easter is almost here and I hope the bunny visits each and every one of you.

Easter is of course a special day as we all know, and in the candy world theres A LOT going on so I'm just going to get down to it with a review of the Cadbury Chocolate Creme Egg.

Packaging is simple but good, the metallic brown catches the light and makes this egg jump off the shelf. Thematically it fits in with the other Cadbury eggs, and obviously it conveys the idea of milk chocolate pretty well. Since its such a small item there isn't room for much else on the package except for the logo and ingredients, but that's ok by me. People probably know what they're getting into with a creme egg of any sort at this point. The only complaint I have with this type of packaging in general is that sometimes if it's not wrapped well the barcode can be hard to scan, which is annoying, but I don't see how that could be really fixed.

Taking the egg out of the packaging we find that there is some nice simple design work etched into the outside of the egg. This is an attribute all Cadbury eggs have in common. The smell is great, very strong, rich, and milk chocolatey.  My only gripe with the "shell" part of this egg (although this is a problem with all creme eggs), is that the chocolate gets a little melty under your fingers and you'll eventually end up needing to wash your hands to get the residue off, especially if it's warm out. That said, I am such a fan of creme eggs that I forgive them this fault. I feel like this, like the barcode issue, is just the nature of creme eggs.

Biting into the egg though any minor gripes I had are erased. This chocolate is great. I mean great! The outer milk chocolate shell is always one of my favorite aspects to creme eggs. Cadbury makes the walls to their eggs thick so honestly no matter what, I know I'll be getting a good dose of chocolate out of the experience. On top of that though the Cadbury Creme Egg chocolate is, and has always been, one of my personal favorites. I might even like the chocolate shell of a creme egg more than I like the interior... I'm just that into it.

But the differentiators between this Chocolate Creme Egg and a standard Creme Egg are apparent quickly. The interior of the Chocolate egg is brimming with a gooey molten chocolate filling. It's pretty full to the edges, which is great because every once in a while, at least with regular creme eggs, they are only around 80% full. Whether its just this egg in particular or something about the chocolate filling though, this egg is filled nicely.

Honestly I'm not really sure if I've ever had one of these eggs before, but I really enjoy it. The chocolate goo inside is fantastic. it's got an almost pudding taste, but the same texture and pull that a standard creme egg center has to it. Not that it has a grain to it, but its got a thicker more pure sugar based texture than I was expecting. Any which way you look at it though, this is delicious. The inside certainly compliments the shell, and I'm really surprised at how much I love this.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates the Cadbury Chocolate Creme Egg - 5 / 5

Cadbury is owned by Kraft Foods, and creme eggs are distributed in the US through The Hershey Company. For more from Cadbury check out them out here, our "Like" Creme Eggs on their Facebook page.

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