Friday, April 13, 2012

Kit Kat review

Welcome to yet another review from Walking the Candy Aisle. Today we've got a classic, we're looking at Kit Kat.

Kit Kat has been a part of my life for such a long time it has some serious nostalgia for me. It was always a great candy bar to get because I was so often forced to share with my big sister. Kit Kat, along with Twix were some of the first chocolate bars I knew of that had easily divisible sections. Not that I really enjoyed sharing, but at least e couldn't argue about who got the bigger piece with a Kit Kat

The packaging is another classic. Fun bright red with a white Kit Kat font that really pops off the wrapper. I always appreciate a bar that shows its wares on the package too. There is a clear picture of what to expect when you get inside a Kit Kat and that's appreciated. The description of "Crisp wafers in milk chocolate" is also plain and straightforward.

Getting into the bar, when you take it out of the packaging you'll find four Kit Kat sticks, these are easy to separate and give a satisfying snap when broken apart. In fact the snap has become so well known that the noise is incorporated into their advertising.

The milk chocolate smells good, and biting into the bar gives pretty much what they promised. the wafers are crisp, but don't taste like much, really they provide a texture that adds to the experience. The chocolate is decent, nothing amazing, but solid all around. I really like the design though, the bar itself is built like a layer cake: chocolate, wafer, chocolate, wafer, chocolate, wafer, chocolate. Its very cool.

My only gripe is that the chocolate on the outside of the bar began to melt off and onto my fingers. Yes that could be that the room I'm in is a bit too warm, still I'm not a huge fan of chocolate smear on my fingers.

Overall this is a really decent chocolate bar. I don't think I'd ever say it was a favorite of mine, but its got an unwavering spot in the top few.

Waking the Candy Aisle rates Kit Kat - 4 / 5

Kit Kat is a product of H.B. Reese Candy Co, a division of The Hershey Company, find out more at

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  1. Those orange coated Kit Kats are horrible, I accidentally bought some and was so disappointed. I tried one bite and threw it away. I will give the rest to my grandchildren, maybe they will eat them.