Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lindt Gold Bunny review

Easter is tomorrow, and I've got another review for you. Today we're looking at the Lindt Gold Bunny.

Having been around for some 60 years this bunny has some serious history! One of the best things about the bunny recently is that for the past few years Lindt has partnered with the Autism Speaks non-profit, and is donating a portion of proceeds from sale of the bunnies to charity. You can see some more of my thoughts on that here. But right off the bat I'm a fan; I like it when any company is socially responsible.

Moving onto the actual chocolate though, the bunnies come in Milk, Dark and White chocolate. The one I've got is the Milk chocolate variety and has the distinction of a bright red bow around his neck. I really like the design work in the presentation of the Gold Bunny. The cute expression on his face, the almost twitchy eyes and nose, and the bow for an accent all make for a very attractive looking Easter treat.

Taking off the foil packaging, we find the bunny is simple but nicely designed. I love the eyes carved in, and while there isn't any other specific etching into the chocolate, this bunny has some great curves. Its certainly been molded very well.

The smell is wonderful as well. If you read or watched my last Lindor review you know how much I like the Lindt chocolate. They're a Swiss chocolatier and, the European quality is apparent. Biting into the bunny I was surprised to find it hollow, but not upset. As a kid I always felt like a hollow bunny was just a scam to make the bunny look bigger, but at east in this case I honestly don't mind. The chocolate 'walls' of the bunny are thick and really richly smooth. The chocolate has a great texture and melts away perfectly in your mouth.

I don't think you can go wrong with this bunny. Its really great quality chocolate, a simple but stylish design, and the fact that they're giving money away to charity seals the deal for me.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates the Lindt Gold Bunny - 5 / 5

For more on Lindt & Spr√ľngli AG please click here, and to learn more about their partnership with Autism Speaks click here.

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