Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Walking the Ice Cream Aisle

Sidestepping the candy aisle today I took a stroll down the ice cream aisle today at my local Target.

Let me tell you there are a lot of candy and chocolate bars to be found in ice cream these days. Here's some of what I came across.


The Girl Scouts would be proud :)

These are GREAT!

I don't think these Popsicle flavors would work in regular ice cream but they seem a good fit here.

A classic
This is a San Francisco delicacy!
Ice cream for DOGS!!!
Ok, so I threw a few others in there too but wow, it's pretty awesome to see so much chocolate and candy in the ice cream aisle!


  1. Ooooooo, there are mint It's-It?? So not only have I been deprived of the original, now I am deprived of variations? It's tough living on the east coast some times.

    1. It's-It come in Vanilla, Mint, Chocolate, and Cappuccino. They are all GREAT!

  2. So where is ice cream for Cats?

    Our cats are very particular, ignoring frozen yogurt completely. Loki will eat mostly vanilla based ice cream, but if there is too much chocolate / peanut butter / coconut, he will turn up his nose, and paw at the floor (like he is covering it up in his cat box!)

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