Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cadbury Creme Egg review

Happy Easter everyone! Here it is... the one you've been waiting for, a review of the classic Cadbury Creme Egg!

Looking at the packaging for this chocolate, I can't help but smile. This has been a part of my life for such a long time. The colors may not be the pastels we all generally associate with Easter, but the metallic blue, red and green definitely pop off the shelf. Considering how small this confection is I understand the need to be eye catching. If you'll look closely on the packaging as well you'll see there are chicks romping about it adding to the springtime flair. While it's only just occurred to me now, the yellow blob behind the logo supposed to look like an egg yolk splattered on the package. Very clever.

Looking at the chocolate egg itself you'll notice the nice etching impressed on the milk chocolate shell. This is simple and a theme you'll see on all the Cadbury eggs. Like the other eggs the classic Creme Egg smells very chocolatey once the foil is open. And like the other eggs the chocolate shell can get a bit tacky onto your fingers. This is definitely a treat you'll have to wash up after eating, but I think it's worth it, and that's all kind of a part of the creme egg experience.

Biting into the egg you'll see that like the other Cadbury Eggs the shell is thick and delicious. You're always going to get a good dose of chocolate in a creme egg.  This is some of my favorite milk chocolate, and the creme egg is possibly the best delivery device Cadbury makes. As for the 'egg' inside, my feelings are a bit more mixed. I am a really big fan of the design work here. Just knowing that they managed to fill the egg with a delicious white sugary goo, and then embed an actual yellow yolk is very impressive to me. I like candy and chocolates that have impressive design work and this is definitely one of the best. Although the yolk doesn't taste any different than the white of the egg I still love getting down into it. The goo itself has a grain to it. While its not bad, and kind of melts into itself in your mouth there is definitely a sugar crystal vibe I read off the texture of the creme filling when first biting into it. Something smoother might make more sense thematically, but this works well on a pure taste level. Its sweet, in fact it might be slightly too sweet for some, but for my tastes the creme egg rides the line pretty well. I like the contrast between the chocolate shell and the filling, and the way the goo oozes in your mouth is pretty satisfying.

My only real complaint here is that the filling doesn't actually fill the egg. This seems to be the case with the original Creme Eggs since I've noticed it before. Why does Cadbury manage to fill the shell fine on the Caramel Egg and Chocolate Creme Egg, but not here? This egg is only around 80 - 85% full... I'd like the rest of my filling please. This feels to me like  maybe they don't fill it all the way to save on costs or something. Whatever the reason though, I'm never thrilled to buy empty space.

If you like it sweet, this is a seasonal treat you'll definitely want to check out. Although for a few years you were able to get creme eggs all year round, now they're officially sold only between January 1st, and Easter. So I'd recommend you go out and get one now while you still can.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates the Cadbury Creme Egg - 4 / 5

Cadbury is owned by Kraft Foods, and creme eggs are distributed in the US through The Hershey Company. For more from Cadbury check out them out here, our "Like" Creme Eggs on their Facebook page.

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