Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Remainder redux

If you saw my last entry on post-holiday remainder candy you'll know that I'm always looking for that sweet spot, often around 3 days after the holiday when the 50% off remainder candy tags turn to the even more popular 75% off tags. Well my friends that day has come, at least to my candy aisle. I'll tell you though, it's really not a pretty sight.

The candy and chocolates have been unceremoniously dumped into carts and semi-temporary bins in an island amid the seasonal aisle. It's all very cluttered and a bit sad. Especially when you see the kinds of candy that are left behind.

Today is the day you'll want to hit the sales though. Its not pretty but come 2 or 3 days from now, rifling through these piles of leftover candy is going to be a truly sorry state of affairs. The 75% off signs are cooking now so the last-of-the-best, or maybe more appropriately, the best-of-the-last stuff is there for the taking at a crazy low price. Easter may be gone, but now we can remember all the good times... in remainder candy form.

Here's my haul from today. And since it only cost me $4 I really can't complain.

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