Monday, December 10, 2012

A Drinkable Chocolate Bar

We all know about Nesquick (or just Quick if you live in certain places), but did you know that there are a few more chocolatey drinks on the store shelves these days? As I was walking the supermarket the other day I spotted some chocolate bar drinks, produced by Nestlé.

These may be common place, there's a few other flavors of this around as well (strawberry, banana maybe?), but how about a more direct chocolate bar drink?

Now these are looking good. caramel and coffee seem like natural fits for drinks, and pairing them with Nestle chocolate is a good idea. The only thing that might make these drinks better is if they were designed to be heated up.

I also stumbled on these Hershey chocolate milk drinks. Seems like pretty serious stuff. Especially the Double Chocolate one. Definitely preferable to Muscle Milk and the like.

Then as I was leaving I saw even more drinkable chocolate bars!

I'd definitely like to try some of that Caramilk drink. Sounds yummy!

I'll keep my eyes peeled for more drinkable chocolate bars. Let me know if you've seen more on your travels down the aisle.

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