Saturday, December 29, 2012

Xmas remainder

Walking the candy aisle a day or two after a candy holiday is always a treat. I've expounded on my general rules for remainder candy hunting here a bunch, but the most important thing is to just keep in mind the timing sweet spot. Two days is great usually. Three gets a bit long (all the good stuff is gone or they've started clearing the shelves), and one day is too short (not a good enough candy sale).

Anyhow I was walking the aisle on the 27th and came across a few great deals.

And since this was the first time I'd really looked closely at a Shoppers drug mart this holiday I actually ended up discovering a few items I hadn't even seen before!

I know I've certainly never seen Hershey's Fondue before.. Anyhow, you can expect a few bonus holiday themed reviews coming in the next few weeks. Until then I'll leave you with a pic of a giant twonie! (only Canadians will even know what that is probably :)