Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Many Faces of Oreo

If you'll recall my recent post on some of my favorite cookies you'll remember that I am indeed a fan of Oreo. I mean how can you not like them?! They're nearly perfect in every way. With chocolaty, crunchy cookie on the outside and creamy frosting inside. Where else can a kid get that much frosting? I mean its not like mom is going to let you eat cake everyday!

But Oreos are SO much more than just the old black and whites nowadays. This is a massive brand for Nabisco and it shows through the plethora of products you can find on shelves with the Oreo logo. Aside from the classic that you can see above,for your indulgence I've gathered here a few others that I've come across.

Almost as classic as the original, Double Stuff came around at a time before the world even knew about Super Sizing everything. AMAZING.

Of course these days here's what you're more likely to find...

For the non-chocolate fans out there.

Yes they come in Double Stuff too!

A bit on the newer side, these Cakesters seem to be a hit nowadays.

A few other nice options on these Cakesters. I'd like to try the chocolate ones.

I know it says Limited Edition, but I've been seeing these Birthday Cake Oreos around for a long time now. They are great if you haven't had the chance yet, definitely pick some up.

A new addition for the more health conscious.

Here's a favorite from vending machines everywhere.

Another great idea from Oreo.

For the more ambitious out there, these cake baking items will require a little (very little) work, but are totally worth the effort.

Oh so good! There's always room for Oreo Jell-O.

But you say you want ice cream. Oreo's got you covered there too!

So much Oreo goodness here its hard to know where to start... But I suppose I know where to end. For Christmas Oreo has a few special editions that you should definitely check out while you can.

I know there are more Oreo products out there, if you see some please let me know in the comments.  Until we meet again, why not have an Oreo?

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